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An elderly man makes a less than happy visit to Tournament Parking in Shortland Street

Elderly gent attempts to read Tournament Parking Terms and Conditions

Elderly gent attempts to read Tournament Parking Terms and Conditions

For more than a decade we have run our media training courses at  the University of Auckland’s television studio complex  in the Kenneth Myers Centre in Shortland Street.

There could no more appropriate venue. The building was constructed in 1934 as the first home of the 1YA radio network and later housed the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation’s Auckland television studios. I have vivid memories of recording Gallery interviews there in the late 60s and early 70s.

Directly across the street, and wonderfully convenient, is a Tournament Parking building. It’s pricey, but then all private parking is pricey in Auckland. On average we run one or two half-day training courses a week. So over the last 11 years we’ve paid Tournament Parking a hell of a lot of money. And we’ve never overstayed the time paid for.

A couple of weeks ago, however, we were delayed by a client and arrived back at our car to find that a ‘parking officer’  had just placed an infringement notice under our wiper blade. The ticket showed that parking had been pre-paid to 4.45 pm. The ticket had been issued at 4.51pm.

Tournament allows a grace period of five minutes, so we’d exceeded our permitted parking time by one minute.  The parking fine, which Tournament euphemistically call a ‘notice’, was $65.

The parking officer was now photographing the number plates of other offending vehicles and ticketing them. When I confronted him with the fact that he had clearly been waiting beside our car for the prepaid time to expire, he apologised profusely. It was, he agreed, ‘outrageous’ but he had his job to do. ‘This lot will be gone in a couple of weeks anyway,’ he added.

He was a nice guy and I apologised to him for my angry tone.   Read the rest of this entry »