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Trouble with HP – and I don’t mean Sauce!

Update on this post:

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) a very nice lady from Hewlett Packard in Auckland rang me. She offered a generous apology for the problems I’d experienced in getting information from HP here and…  well…  somewhere else, and explained that the switchboard in Auckland had gone down on the very day that this curmudgeonly blogger had happened to call. She also told me where I could get the wireless printer I wanted and gave me some free advice on how I could get the same result with a cheaper model. Now that IS service and I thank her very much. Now HP just needs to sort out their call centre in… wherever.]


Now sometimes you just need to get something off your chest. And if you’re a blogger what better place to vent your fury or frustration than in an inflammatory post. So here goes:

I recently bought an iPad. I won’t bore you with my love for this product and for Apple and all its works. Suffice to say, the machine is wonderful and so are they.

Well, like most iPad owners, I’ve been buying various nifty attachments and applications to add to my enjoyment of this wondrous machine. I won’t bore you with that either, except to say that Apple’s wireless keyboard is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

I now want to be able to print directly from my iPad. To do that I need something called ‘an Airprint-enabled printer’, in layman’s language a wireless printer. I already have an HP Officejet 6300 All-in-One printer. It works fine, but it ain’t wireless.

Fortunately the nice Apple people have provided a list of wireless printers compatible with their iPad. And Hewlett Packard make a whole lot of them. Wunderbar!

But this is all pretty new technology and it occurs to me that these particular printers may not be available in Godzone. Ringing round all the computer and printer outlets would be cumbersome. Much easier to get the answer to my question straight  from the horse’s mouth, in this case Hewlett Packard.  Read the rest of this entry »