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Media Training Courses

Learn the tricks of the trade and get  practical training in the skills you need to:
♦ Handle approaches from the media.
♦ Survive and win: the press interview, the radio interview, the television interview, the sound bite
♦ Complain effectively, if you don’t get a fair go.

Recommended for anyone likely to be involved in media interviews.

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Training for Specific Appearances

We are available at short notice to advise and train you if you have either received or already accepted an invitation for a  media interview.

Recommended for anyone facing an upcoming media interview.

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Crisis Management

We specialise in assisting clients in the effective handling of difficult or contentious issues likely to attract or already attracting unwelcome media attention.

Recommended for anyone under scrutiny from the media.

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Job Interview Coaching

A job interview can be the most important interview you ever face, and the most difficult.  In a shrinking job market, it is essential to present yourself at your most professional and engaging to secure any position.  We will coach you in the special skills and techniques of the job interview, to ensure that you give this crucial presentation your best shot.

Recommended for anyone preparing for a job interview.

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Training for Presentations and Pitches

Whether you’re in sales, advertising or the law, presentations and pitches can be make-or-break with clients and potential clients.  We train groups and individuals in effective presentation skills and public speaking.

Recommended for any individual or group hoping to impress a client or clinch a deal.

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Small Media Seminars

Catering for up to 10 people, these  seminars offer a practical overview of how the media works, and how to deal with  approaches from journalists. They cover the same basic material dealt with in our media training courses and are also conducted at the television studios, allowing participants to get a taste of what it’s like to be interviewed on camera.

Recommended particularly for front-line staff.

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In-House Training

We’ll come to your place and give your people a comprehensive and entertaining presentation on the media, specifically tailored to fit your organisation’s communications strategy. Great for retreats, training days and seminars.

Recommended for any large company or organisation.

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Conference and Seminar Presentations

Our PowerPoint presentations give a lively and informative overview of handling the media, tailored to suit your conference theme and audience.

Recommended as a useful and entertaining addition to any conference or seminar programme

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