Brian Edwards Media

Conference and Seminar Presentations

Our PowerPoint presentations give a lively and informative overview of handling the media, tailored to suit your conference or seminar theme and audience.

We’ll talk about the tricks of the trade – how to answer questions from journalists effectively, and how to avoid being trapped into answering questions and giving interviews when you didn’t intend to. 

We’ll show you the techniques of getting your key points across to the public – and making sure those message are remembered. 

We’ll tell you stories of real interviews that will make you laugh and make you shudder. 

You’ll come away with a new insight into the media and how it works, and a new appreciation of what good media skills can do for you and for your organisation.

There’ll be time for questions at the end, and a special prize for anyone who can ask us something we’ve never been asked before.

Recommended as a useful and entertaining addition to any conference or seminar programme