Brian Edwards Media

Small Media Seminars

These seminars offer a practical overview of how the media operates, and how to deal with  approaches from journalists. They cover the same basic material dealt with in our media training courses and are also conducted at the television studios, allowing your team to get a taste of what it’s like to be interviewed on camera. They are a cost-effective way to give your staff a basic grounding in handling the media.

The first part of the session is a lively PowerPoint presentation that gives your team a comprehensive overview of handling the media, from press to television, from dealing with journalists from the first phone call to how to complain if you don’t get a Fair Go.  You’ll learn the tricks of the trade and how to recognise the opportunities and the pitfalls.  We’ll tailor this presentation to your organisation’s specific needs.

Then, after a coffee break, we’ll take everyone into the control room to watch individual members of the team being interviewed  on camera in the studio.  There’ll be a chance to discuss and comment on the interviews, and we’ll cut DVDs of them for you.  Everyone will take away a copy of our book, How to Survive and Win with the Media – a Self Defence Course for Interviewees.

Recommended particularly for front-line staff and sales teams.