Brian Edwards Media

Training for Presentations & Pitches

Whether you’re in sales, advertising or the law, presentations and pitches can be make-or-break with clients and potential clients.  We train groups and individuals in effective presentation skills and public speaking.

We’ll put you through your paces and hone your skills in everything, from the way you look to the way you interact with your audience, from the moment  you walk into the room or onto the stage to the moment you leave. 

We’ll show you how to prepare compelling presentations, the most effective way to use PowerPoint and how to make those key points memorable – you’ll cover all these things in your training. 

We’ll help you overcome the weaknesses in your presenting skills, focus on your individual strengths and show you how to use these to the greatest effect.

We’ll record much of the session, so that you can see yourself as your audience will see you and learn to adjust your presentation to make it more persuasive. 

And we’ll cut you a DVD, so that you can view and review your performance at your leisure and continue to learn from it.

Recommended for any individual or group hoping to impress a client, a boss or clinch a deal.