B2B Companies Can Use Explainer

You’re a B2B business trying to convince other companies to use and buy your products or services. What better way to explain the why of your product or service than through video?

Explainer videos can solve many issues that companies face. These include poor Google rankings, high bounce rates on websites, prospects who don’t understand what you do, and leads who don’t know why they should purchase from you.

You can use custom videos throughout your entire marketing funnel.

  • Awareness: Where the majority of people use explainer videos to promote their business and their products or services
  • Interest: When an explainer video can be used to demonstrate how your company is the answer to a customer’s problems
  • Consideration Highlight the top features and benefits of your product or service and include testimonials from customers.
  • Action A video that explains how to get your prospects started in your business, and gives them an offer that they cannot refuse.
  • Retention: Explainer videos to inform current customers of new features or updates

B2B companies will always require video marketing to explain their products and how they differ from other products on the market.

B2B businesses can use explainer videos throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Take a look at the five best ways to use explainer video.

Sales Pitches

In most companies, the sales team works directly with leads to convince them to become customers. There are many ways to make a sale, such as keeping various materials available to send leads to help them learn more about your business.

This is the ideal time to create an explainer video. You have a good idea of who you are, but your potential clients are not sure if you’re the right fit for them. You can create a video that combines your elevator pitch with other content.

Videos encourage buyers to make a decision: a full 85% of people are more likely than not to buy something after watching an explainer video.

Customer Onboarding

Your sales pitch was a success. You have a contract with a major publisher or a well-known finance company. Congrats! It’s now time to streamline your onboarding process using (you guessed right) an explainer video.

You should simplify the entire customer journey, including when a client has already bought your product or service.

A video explainer is useful for helping customers onboard because it…

  • Clarify the way customers start working with your company
  • Please give more details on the plan of a client and its resources
  • Show customers where they can get help, like a customer service representative or a help desk

You don’t need to make boring videos to explain new products or services. Make them interesting! Show them how happy you are to know that your product will solve their problem. Include customer testimonials in your email to show that the user has made the right choice.

Email Marketing

Digital marketers are not new to using videos in their email campaigns, but explainer videos may be. Why? When businesses use videos to send emails, they usually do so to promote a recent Webinar, a podcast, or other video that the company wants to get people talking.

Explainer videos can open up a whole new world of opportunities, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you offer gated content, such as an ebook or guide, then you will have a list of email addresses to which you can send the download.

Create a series of nurturing emails. What did your recipients think of the content? You can gradually move their attention to an explainer video on your business and how to get started using a free trial, service, or CTA.

Virtual Events and Tradeshows

Online Events have become a part of our lives during the pandemic. These events have highlighted the importance of video communication and the many ways to do it. Explainer videos can be a great addition to any online session.

Add a video at the end of your presentation to help your audience get started.

Though many still consider in-person events distant memories, they are slowly making a comeback. Explainer videos can also be useful at a live event. You can display a video on your table or screen at your booth with subtitles to help attendees learn more about you.

You can use your explainer videos to cover topics you don’t want to pitch to passersby. This will allow you to direct them to more information once you have spoken to them. This will keep people interested and give them more information that could lead to new questions.


static images are so of last year. Why not use videos in your advertising? We know that they are effective at grabbing the attention of consumers and directing them to new businesses. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-users,

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