How To Get The Most Out Of Your Domestic Cleaning Services

Everyone wants to live in a tidy and clean home. Most people think that a clean home is a happy one. Cleaning is still a task that most people avoid, or simply don’t have the time for. A busy schedule and many obligations can make it difficult to clean your house thoroughly. You can spend your little spare time on other things rather than cleaning the house. Most people use domestic cleaning services in Auckland.

You will want to get the best value from a cleaning service. This article will explain how to get the best value from your cleaning company. We will also discuss what you can do to prepare for cleaners’ arrival and how to communicate your expectations.

How You Can Communicate Your Cleaning Priorities To Your Provider

You may need to complete certain tasks by the end the day. When you control every aspect of their work in your home, it can be stressful for them. It is important to set clear expectations.

Prioritize what you would like cleaned first. You can tell the cleaner to start with a specific room and to clean only certain surfaces or objects within it. You can specify what type of cleaning is to be performed in a particular room. You can choose to vacuum the carpets or mop the floors. You can also dust the floorboards and the room.

Cleaning companies usually recommend that you start with the tasks that are the least appealing to you or that require the most time. List the primary tasks and then add the secondary ones at the end. The cleaner will focus or tend to these chores if they are given extra time.

What is Communicate?
  1. Areas where you require special attention. You can leave a sticky “Please scrub the sinks and bathtub” in a bathroom.
  2. Allergies to products.
  3. You can lock any rooms or areas that you don’t want to be disturbed. Locking such rooms is an option. Consider leaving a message in cases where the locks don’t work. A simple sticky note such as “Please don’t be concerned about the pantry” is sufficient.
  4. Inform others about the areas that require specific cleaning products and guidelines.
  5. Check for any extra supplies that may be needed. You can find it in the closet, bathroom or laundry room.

Please note:

You can communicate with the cleaner before they arrive by sending an email or leaving sticky notes on objects or rooms that need cleaning. If you’re hiring a new domestic cleaning service, it’s best to meet the cleaners in person.

A List Of Priorities For A Group Of Tasks May Look Something Like This:

  • Clean the screens of all windows, including the glass on both sides, the blinds and curtains, the lock ledges and sills.
  • Vacuuming the carpets under the beds.
  • Dust or damp-wipe baseboards and chair rails.
  • Dust picture frames, furniture, and lampshades.
  • Scrubbing bathtubs, sinks and showers.
  • Dust your ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Flip mattresses and clean them in bedrooms.
  • Sofa set cleaning
  • Face appliances (refrigerator or dishwasher) clean.

Your list of priorities depends on the type of cleaning you will do in your house. You may choose to do a regular (mostly dusting) cleaning, a spring cleaning or a deep cleaning.

How To Make The Most Of Your Cleaning Service

1. Don’t clean up

Calling a cleaning service is primarily to have your home cleaned. Calling the cleaners into a home that is already clean is unrealistic.

2. Before the cleaners arrive, remove clutter from your home or office.

Clutter is a part of most people’s lives. While looking for an outfit, you may leave clean or dirty clothes all over the place. It is important to remove clutter to make the most of cleaning services. The cleaners will have an easier time getting to the problem areas, and will save themselves the time they would spend cleaning up the mess.

3. Stock up on cleaning products

Most likely, your cleaner will come with all of the necessary cleaning supplies and products. It is useful to keep an extra stock of these products, as they could come in handy. Stock up on extra cleaning gloves and garbage bags.

4. Inform the cleaning company if you have a dog

You should let your cleaning service know about any pets you have. It will ensure that they have the necessary equipment and supplies to remove fur from your surfaces. You will get the best out of your cleaning service and avoid having them caught off guard.

5. Share the state of your mess.

A cleaning service is hired to remove the mess from your home or workplace. It is best to inform them of the extent and scope of your mess so they are prepared. It can be a bit horrifying to have them arrive at a huge mess without the right cleaning products. You will both be happier if you inform them.

6. Be kind and helpful to cleaners.

When treated properly, it is in the nature of humans to go above and beyond. It is the same for your cleaners. You can create a positive work environment by being friendly to your cleaners. They will feel free to ask questions or explain things that they don’t understand. Leave them water bottles, iced drinks, and snacks for when they go on break.


When you need a deep cleaning for your home or office, domestic cleaning services are the best option. When you can afford to hire the services of a cleaning service, procrastinating on cleaning is not a good idea. You will get the best cleaning service if you follow the guidelines above.

It is important to follow up after receiving these services. You can give feedback, a review or a correction. Or you can commend them for a job well done. It will help you build a relationship with the cleaning company.


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