How To Make Cotton Candy In A Machine

You can find this popular confection at amusement parks, stadiums, concessions stands and banquet tables. It’s a favorite of every kid (and adult) who has a sweet tooth. How is cotton candy produced? How easy is it to make cotton candy? Here we will show you how to operate these commercial cotton-candy machines. You’ll soon be able enjoy this tasty treat for any occasion.

How to Make Cotton Candy with a Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Please read your equipment’s instructions carefully.

You can use this example to illustrate your point:

  • Fill the floss head with Flossugar to 90%. Never add sugar to the tank while it is running. Follow the instructions for heat and power control.
  • If the room is too hot, the cotton candy will not have the light and airy look we’re looking for.
  • Choose a cone of paper as soon as the unit begins to make floss. Roll the cone of floss with a flick of the wrist into the web in the pan.
  • Rotate the cone so that it is completely wrapped in floss. Do not try to roll the cotton candy with the cone inside. The cotton candy will look dense and too tight if you do.
  • If the sugar doesn’t melt, you can pass the floss close to the spinning head.
  • Lift it up and use your hand to wrap the floss around using a figure eight motion.

How to Make Cotton Candy with a Cotton Candy Maker

Follow these easy 8 steps to make this sweet treat. These can be made with pre-mixed floss, or with a combination of table sugar and floss concentrated that has been already combined.

  1. After a few minutes, turn on the power to the machine and check if it runs properly. If the machine is shaking, adjust it so that the head moves properly and the machine is stable.
  2. Wait for the machine to warm up, about 4 to 5 minutes.
  3. The spinning head (also called the floss head) is the part of the cotton candy machine that holds the mix. Do not touch the spinning head or floss while it is running.
  4. After 30 seconds the candyfloss will begin to form. To gather candyfloss with a bamboo stick, or cones that can be reused, turn the stick and follow its inner spiral. Before using the stick to collect the candyfloss, make sure it is clean. Reduce the heat as soon as the candy floss starts to emerge from the spinning head.
  5. When you have enough cotton candy, twist it with a cone. If you are having trouble, sprinkle a little hot water onto the cone.
  6. Run the machine and let it burn out to remove any remaining cotton candy.
  7. Turn off the machine and unplug it after making cotton candy. Instead of using detergent, use a damp soft cloth to clean your machine. Before plugging the machine back in, make sure it is completely dry.
  8. Repeat the steps above to make fresh cotton candy.

What You Need to Know

It is the same as caramelizing sugar in a skillet. The sugar crystals are poured in the spinning head of the machine, where they are melted by the heating elements. The rotating mechanism forces the sugar to push against the heating element. The sugar is then transformed into small strands that look like hard candy.

  • Formulated Floss Sugar. The sugar is granulated, and absorbs flavor and color more evenly, resulting in a consistent fairy floss. Flossugar delivers the look and taste that customers are looking for, whether it’s traditional flavors such as Blue Raspberry and Pink Vanilla or gourmet ones like Peach-Mango and Watermelon.
  • Cotton Candy Cones. Use disposable or biodegradable cones.
    Find out more about the different flavors of cotton candy here

How to Make Cotton Candy without a Machine

It is almost impossible to make cotton candy in large amounts without a special machine. If you have the patience, knowledge, and some common household tools, you can make cotton candy at home.

How to make cotton candy at home (Hand-Spun Cotton Candy method)

Step 1: Combine the Melt and Combine

Mix 4 cups sugar, 1 1/2 cups corn syrup, 1 1/2 cups water and 1/4 teaspoon salt in a heavy, large saucepan on medium heat. Stir the ingredients until the sugar melts. To prevent sugar crystals forming, use a pastry brush and wipe the sides of pan.

Step 2: Heat

Attach a candy/temperature-thermometer and heat the syrup to 320degF. Pour the hot liquid out of the kettle into an heat-resistant shallow container. Add the food colorings and extracts to create different colors of cotton candy and mix well. Add a few drops food coloring or extract to this recipe.

Step 3: Spread

Spread the candy thread on the parchment. Be sure to keep the sugar-coated parchment paper from spilling onto the floor.

Step 4: Spin sugar

Dip the whisk head into the syrup and let it coat the head. Allow the sugar to drop back into the container by holding the whisk over it for a few seconds. Swing the sugar strands back and forth while holding the pan 30 cm above the parchment. Continue to do this until you have a nest of candy floss. You shouldn’t expect the machine to look exactly like your candy floss vending machines. It will look different.

Step 5: Wrap

Wrap the cotton candy immediately around cones or sticks. Be sure to follow this step correctly to avoid brittle candy pieces.

Step 6: Serve

This airy treat can be enjoyed immediately, or you can store it in an airtight jar to keep moisture at bay.

Hand-pulled Cotton Candy Is A Great Way To Make Homemade Cotton Candy.

Step 1: Combine the Melt and Combine

Combine the ingredients using a medium-high temperature in a medium saucepan. Pour 4 1/3 cups of sugar leftover, 2 cups water, and 1 tsp. Pour in the pan: 4 1/3 cups of leftover sugar, 2 cups of water, 1 tsp. Stir the ingredients together gently to avoid forming sugar crystals along the sides of the pan.

Step 2: Boil

Use a candy thermometer to boil the mixture. Remove it from heat when it reaches 268degF.

Step 3: Use candy molds

Divide the candy into four 1-quart plastic containers, or candy molds. Remove the candy from its container once it has reached room temperatures. Squeeze the container gently and twist it carefully.

Step 4: Use cornstarch

Spread a generous amount cornstarch onto a baking pan. The baking sheet must have sides.

Step 5: Prepare Candy to Pull

Cut a hole through the middle of the candies. Use your thumbs and index fingers to make a hole in the middle of the candies. Use pressure to expand your circle, but keep the candy the same thickness all around the string. Once the rope has reached its desired length, you can twist it into a double figure eight and then bring both ends together.

Step 6: Remove Candy

Hold the candy in both hands. Hold the candy in your hands. Rotate your hands until you are happy with the candy. Continue pulling on the candy until it feels like you have pulled enough times. The sugar threads should be the final consistency.

Step 7: Serve

Enjoy the delicious candy pulled while it is still in good condition. Custom flavors like bubble gum or Pina Colada can be added to cotton candy. Cotton candy can be arranged in different ways to please your customers.

Cotton Candy Machines Are A Great Way To Make Cotton Candy.

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