How to Use Search Trends in COVID-19 for Alternative Content Ideation

It is difficult to create B2B content in a time of crisis, but the challenge is multiplied by 100 when a global pandemic is underway.

Some B2B marketers, however, are not giving up and continue to find creative ways to promote brand recognition.

Other marketers are looking to adjust their marketing strategies in order to keep up with the changing market.

Trends for online searches are one of the best ways to determine what marketers can do to stand out in this environment.

This article examines how the analysis of search data trends helps marketers create consistent content to improve traffic and boost sales.

1. What is critical data in the current context?

Online time is increasing for businesses, clients, and customers. This should be used to maintain the revenue stream.

We can assume that more businesses are now online and are searching online to find news, information, and new ways to reach their customers.

B2B companies can benefit from search data, which tells them where they need to be – on social networks, blogs, and vlogs. B2B companies must understand why their clients use these channels.

Businesses are using online tools to keep in touch with remote teams.

Marketers who begin to analyze data from the perspective of their audience will be better able to create content.

How can marketers create content using this analysis?

2. Sorting through critical data

You will notice that most of the keywords you optimized your content for are no longer ranking highly.

This means that people aren’t searching for your content using the keywords you selected. It doesn’t necessarily mean consumers aren’t interested in the content you provide or your products.

If you take a look at the trends of searches for “trade show,” you will see that they have dropped dramatically from February 2020 to May 2020.

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