Want to Get Real Business Results from Facebook? Run a Social Campaign

Editor’s Note: At the time of publication, Facebook had already implemented the mandatory Timeline update. As a result, some material in this post is no longer valid (such as Welcome Page “Like” campaigns and “Like-gating”).

Many small businesses and organizations already understand that Social media can be a great way to connect with clients and prospects. Many people forget that social media marketing is about more than just posting content or getting as many people to “Like’ their Facebook fan page.

To get real results from social media, you must set goals that go beyond merely gaining more followers and fans. It would be best if you maximize your social media investment by building a community, engaging your audience, and (ideally) creating word-of-mouth by convincing your audience to spread your message to their friends.

A Facebook social campaign is one of the best methods to achieve these goals.

What exactly is a social media campaign?

A campaign allows you to use proven inbound marketing techniques for your social media marketing. It’s an excellent way to go beyond posting status updates or tweets.

Installing a tab on your Facebook page is simple, but you will need a third-party app. Installing a charge on your Facebook page allows you to publish engaging content or an offer that will encourage your fans to perform a certain action.

You can “Like gate” your offer by requiring that users “Like” the Facebook page you have in return for a free file download. A social campaign can have many benefits, but getting more “Likes” is just one of them. A successful campaign will encourage users to share and participate in your content or offer with their friends.

Why? We, as marketers, want people to take action that will result in real business results. List-building is all about getting people to “Like.” It’s what you do for your fans that matters. If you encourage a fan, for example, to print a discount coupon, there is a good chance she will purchase something from you.

If you can get this fan to share your offer with others, you’ll likely attract more fans and prospects, which will lead to new potential business. Consumers trust the recommendations of friends. A social campaign can be a great tool to encourage your fans to spread the word about you.

Social media campaigns are not just for large companies with big budgets, expensive software, and social media experts. With the availability of low-cost tools, small businesses can create social campaigns without spending a fortune or investing much time.

Social campaigns drive business results (two examples)

Take, for instance, Blue Orchid Handbags, a small handbag retail store in Cleveland, Ohio. Jackie Adamany was using Facebook to market her company, but it wasn’t working.

She said, “I tried to gain new fans but they were not interested in what I was offering.” Adamany decided on a social media campaign to promote Blue Orchid Handbags’ final 2011 show, The Last Minute Market.

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