What Happens to Your Car After You Sell It to the Wreckers?

If you have a worn-out car, it’s high time you gave it away to the wreckers. It doesn’t matter if the condition of your car is worth throwing away. It can be of your great grandmother’s age now. But they’ll still accept it and that too happily. And selling your car doesn’t just keep you free of clutter, but also helps you get some money in exchange for it. And along with the free towing, you can also rest assured that your car is not being a burden on Earth – car wrecking is an eco-friendly way of disposing of your old vehicle.

What Does the Car Wrecker Do in Your Car?

So, we don’t have a doubt that the car wreckers are doing an excellent job in helping you deal with your old car. But aren’t you curious to know how they do it? Don’t you want to know what happens to your car after you contact them for scrapping? Well, to fill in your curiosity, we have detailed it out for you:

  • They tow and ship it to the wrecking yard — Firstly, after you contact the best wrecker and finalize the deal with them, they will come to pick your car from your front door and provide you cash for the scrap cars. Mega Car Collection even ships it to their wreck yard and gives you money for the dilapidated vehicle. (You can say a happy goodbye to your old car now!) They ensure that the entire process of car removal from your property and towing is efficient and you get good money in exchange for your car.
  • They drain the fluids from the car— The old and unused car and even used ones have some amount of fluid in their engine and other parts. It’s very crucial to drain them before the wreckers move ahead with their task. So, the next step is – turning the vehicle around and trying to get all the fluids out.
  • Parting the car out — It’s true that your car is of no use to you anymore. But these car wreckers know very well how to make good use of them even if they are very old ones. They’ll part the car out and separate the useful spare parts from the useless ones. And then they keep these spare parts with them to sell at good rates whenever there is a need for it in the market.
  • Selling the metals from the car — After the useful spare parts, comes the turn of the metal from the car. The car wreckers take out the stainless steel, copper, and aluminum from the car and sell them at compatible pricing.
  • Giving the rest of the parts for recycling — A car wrecker always thinks about the future of the Earth. They give away the leftover parts for recycling. This reduces the junk load on the Earth and prevents the air and water pollution that may happen when such parts of the car are burnt or disposed of irresponsibly.

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