Start Making Horse Sense – Eight Lessons for Women in Business Racing to Build a Better World

When I read Laura Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit, An American Legend, I couldn’t but see the parallels between women working in business and a racehorse with a fighting spirit. The film adaptation of Ms. Hillenbrand’s book is now in theaters, and women can embrace the rich complexity of a similar subject.

Seabiscuit is a horse who has inspired women with greatness and captured their imaginations.

You can learn to ride a horse or a person

Face it. Women can be mysterious. They may seem happy one day and sad the next. We can be cruel but charming. For a businesswoman to succeed, she must have a close observer who knows her, realizes her potential ,cultivates it, and makes sure others do not get in her way.

Women should actively seek out executives with influence in their organization and with whom they feel a rapport. They can ask these executives to become mentors. Mentors teach women how to make decisions in the boardroom and what happens there. To be successful, a woman must learn from her mentor.

Make Friends

Women need something similar to Seabiscuit to feel secure and safe and to be able to perform at their best. You can relax and perform your best work when you have loyal friends.

Your competitive instincts will lead you to the outside

When competitive instincts are turned inward, they can be disastrous.

Why? It happens to a horse when the jockey grips the reins too tightly. Women are affected when someone does not give them any slack and doesn’t show respect, appreciation, or acknowledgment of their existence in business.

You can let go of the reins and allow your horse to fly. You will flourish as a female businesswoman if you let go of “catfight” scenarios and stop limiting yourself because of the Old Boy’s Network. Go for it! See a level playing field.

Only do what you want

Seabiscuit’s trainer transformed him into an obedient, happy horse. How? He promised never to force the horse to do anything he did not want him to. Women do not want to be told how to act. They already know what they should do. Assume that you can do your own thing and allow other women to do the same.

Uncover your potential

Seabiscuit began to trust both his trainer and rider. This became the basis of their relationship. What was the result? He began to love running again. He would run with all his heart if he received a good treatment. He gained a calm confidence. He was a brand new horse. Seabiscuit understood the game. Seabiscuit’s trainer and rider “discovered” him.

Women also want to “be unearthed”. She will gain an unwavering spirit and internal belief in herself if you trust her.

All are intimidated

As Hillenbrand states in his book, women can also use intimidation to their advantage. You can use force to overwhelm your opponent. Use it to make them wonder what you’re thinking. You have an advantage in war if you strike at your opponent’s weakest point. The same is valid for intimidation. You can use it to your advantage.

Keep your last reserves of courage until the end

Hillenbrand wrote about Seabiscuit: “If he got too caught up in rubbing the nose of a horse in his defeat, he could lose his momentum as the closers approached him.” Seabiscuit was a master of taunting, but once he faced a challenge, the games stopped. He was severe in a fight. Did you ever witness two stallions fighting? Seabiscuit’s trainer Smith asked. They look pretty evenly matched, and they usually are. But one has the last bit of courage or energy to lick the other. Seabiscuit is the one. ‘”

This is something that women should also do. You can preserve it and pull it out when you are done, for freedom is born of courage. Despite criticism and opposition, it takes courage to remain faithful to one’s vision and mission. You will reap extraordinary rewards if you can summon it when you need to.

Claim to be unbeatable and unchallenged

From Seabiscuit to Seattle Slew, to Secretariat, all had one thing in common. Each racehorse wanted to be unbeaten throughout his career.

The same is true for women. We need to speak out and use good horse sense to succeed. Like a racehorse, you will fight your way to the top of the leaderboard.

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