Why Web Accessibility is the Best Business Opportunity for Agencies

All marketing agencies, regardless of their size or specialization, have something in common: They are focused on the client’s demands and prioritize growth for business while making strategic business decisions to accelerate success. These strategic business decisions are driven by initiatives, practices, or tools to achieve optimal results.

One might assume that ensuring Web accessibility–websites that are usable for people with disabilities and legally compliant–is daunting work, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Web accessibility offers endless possibilities, and accessibility advancements contribute to your stellar business ventures.

Web accessibility has improved the value of agencies that offer SEO, design, development, and performance services for their clients’ websites. This is because accessible websites perform well, reaching 1 in 4 Americans with a disability.

Inaccessible sites hinder an essential portion of the internet population from interacting with your business and agency.

Web accessibility was once a complicated task requiring many resources. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have helped Web accessibility reach new levels. The innovation behind these tools and technologies ensures that Web accessibility is simple, efficient, and affordable.

Agencies can use web accessibility in four ways to benefit them.

As an inclusive agency, you can attract interest and attention

Automatic and AI-powered solutions for Web accessibility are disruptive in their field. They allow agencies like yours to provide clients with a compliant, practical, and cost-effective solution that makes their digital assets available.

Your ability to host these Web accessibility offerings will only enhance your reputation as an inclusive agency as you raise awareness while working to create accessible websites for people with disabilities. Your clients will benefit from your good name as you maintain a reputation that makes them appear inclusive.

Increase website performance

Accessible websites provide great user experiences. Websites perform better when powered by innovative solutions that make the user’s experience more transparent, understandable, and easy to navigate.

By opening up your digital doors to 25 percent of the population, your website traffic and SEO and conversion rates will increase.

Web accessibility solutions, such as accessible accessWidget, make it possible to improve the user experience of people with disabilities by allowing them to customize their online experiences.

Avoid legal liability associated with inaccessible sites

Online accessibility is an issue of civil rights that needs to be addressed. As an inclusive agency, you should know the regional laws protecting people with disabilities. Now is the time to ensure your client’s websites are accessible. This will help you to mitigate any legal risks or potential lawsuits your clients may face if their site is not accessible.

Increase your revenue by generating new business for your agency

You help your client grow their business by adding new revenue streams with every website you make accessible. Your agency is the Web accessibility outlet for your clients, offering various solutions and services. This generates more income for your agency because you offer Web accessibility to clients as a service, just like you do with design, development, and SEO services. You can expect an increase in revenue when you create accessible websites for your clients.

Change the game while doing good

When you consider the benefits from every angle, you can see that Web accessibility is more than worthwhile–especially when you remember that AI-powered and automatic solutions are driven by modern innovation that makes accessible websites achievable in a short amount of time and at a small cost.

It is difficult to ignore the immense benefits of adding Web accessibility to service offerings at your agency.

The accessibility of websites for their clients can significantly impact the digital landscape, no matter what size or specialization an agency has. By bridging the Web access gap, you can ensure that people with disabilities can participate online and buy the products and services offered by your clients. It is right and ensures everyone has an equal and inclusive experience.

Innovative Web access solutions can be a game changer for agencies and their clients. Websites are performing better, clients have formed lasting relationships with new audiences, and now, a large part of the population can access websites for your clients where the transactional process can begin!

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